Hi Val (Executive Director),

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and everyone else who was involved in making yesterday's event such a success. I can't imagine the planning and organization that goes into making that happen every year, and I can't thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of it. Seeing the smiles on those kids faces was an experience I will never be able to explain.

Again, thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to helping out with any events in the future. 

All the best,

AJ | Volunteer Driver

Dear Ride2Revive,

I wanted to say Thank You!!!

Yesterday was an amazing event. I could not stop thinking about the kids and the smiles that were created by Ride2Revive. I think Christa (one of the kids) said it well for the kids “This is one of the BEST days of my life!”

The energy surrounding the entire event and everyone in attendance, was uplifting and so very generous. I had many kids ask when the next one is and they have already given me their RSVP. Please let me know what else I can do to help out. Otherwise I will wait to hear from you and see you a few short months.

I look forward to seeing the pictures.
Thank you for including Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, thank you for the fantastic event, and for all you do to make these events possible.


Michelle Barone | Director of Patient & Family-Centered Care at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

I can’t even begin to express how insane yesterday’s event was.  The entire time I was overwhelmed with excitement and I cannot stop thinking about the amazing experience I had with my dad and best friend, Nachi Engelhardt.  Over the past year I have experienced something that no young adult should ever have to go through.  It has been very hard at times and going through 2 surgeries and rounds of chemotherapy is something no one should experience.  I was down and at the lowest point in my life.  But this past week, ever since my dad told me about the Gotham Dream Tour, it had a huge impact on me.  Even more special than the experience to drive a number of my favorite dream cars, was learning that there are people like you who take such enjoyment in helping people.  Especially when it appears that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.  I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and I hope this will be a start of a long and wonderful relationship.

Joseph Rothenberg