A New Year's Message



"Those who possess the courage to stand apart, gain a rare perspective" 

Last Monday, a Ferrari came soaring past the test track's checkered flags flapping at the finish line. As the bright red sports car rumbled to a stop, the passenger door opened accompanied by a shout of pure joy heard over the sound of the engine, "I just rode in a Ferrari! This is the best day of my life!'' said a boy as he was unbuckled from his seat. 

We don't know his whole story, but I can tell you that he is 11-years old, having just completed a chemo session in his fight with cancer. He had come to the raceway to experience his dream thanks to "Ride 2 Revive", a charity I hold dear in my heart. 

His face, so full of excitement and happiness for those few minutes was such a powerful reminder to me how truly fortunate we are. As we ready to welcome the new year, my wish is that no matter the obstacles, we remember throughout the coming new year to approach life with the same joy and unbridled enthusiasm that the smiling young man shouted out to the world! 

While we do our best to be prepared, we know life is not always joyful. This past year we all lived through some challenges: An onslaught of natural disasters, a country politically divided like few times in our history and the loss of many legendary people who touched our lives.

Alongside these trials and tribulations, we are also enjoying a period of economic prosperity that offers possibilities with markets hitting all-time highs and very low unemployment numbers. In this new year., let's look at both opportunities and challenges with a fresh perspective.

We must accept both, testing our abilities. for that Is how we grow. When we approach challenges as opportunities we can truly achieve the amazing! Changing how we approach situations - adjusting our perspective - can absolutely manifest reality.

As we enjoy these waning days of 2017 with our families, whether cooking in the kitchen, decorating the house, shopping for gifts., and savoring the many activities that make this season feel so magical., consider and contemplate how special each life and moment is. Be present. Open your heart and mind to life"s challenges and embrace the opportunities. That boy doesn't ride in a Ferrari every day, but he knows every day is a gift to be appreciated with all it brings.

So, it is with much love and appreciation that I sincerely thank you for being part of my life and for your trust and partnership with Amida this past year. It is an honor helping you find the perspective you need to realize the life you desire and I enthusiastically look forward to continuing our journey together. 

With much love, 

Ana Ramos

Founding & Managing Partner


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